Flawnson Tong

Cofounder of Comend

How to write a comment

A step by step guide to writing comments and replies on resource pages.

Even before working on Librarey we wanted to create a platform where people could have context driven conversations. This means being able to communicate about content as closely to the content as possible. Soon after launching Librarey we spent some development time building out a basic comment and reply system for resource pages. It's still in our plans to build a more feature-rich communication platform, but in the meantime we hope you can use the comments and replies feature to give your candid thoughts on resources in our repository.

You'll need an account to propose a new resource, so if you haven't created one yet, follow this guide. Otherwise, sign into your existing account.

Understanding comments and replies

The primary use case for comments and replies is being able to provide your thoughts and other details about resources. For example, we can't list every single person part of an advocacy organization, so comments are a way for you to give a shoutout to someone within an organization that you personally recommend. As with any social feature on any platform, there are ground rules to follow to ensure you have a safe and helpful experience. Our community guidelines are written for all to read here.

If you find something that you think violates our community guidelines or otherwise just unpleasant, please use the report feature that we'll show you how to use in this guide. And as always, don't hesitate to  contact us.

Step 1: Navigate to the resource page

Once you've signed into your account, navigate to a resource page by navigating to the search results page. You can do this via the home page by clicking "Browse them all" or searching for the resource you want to leave a comment for.

Step 2: Write your comment or reply

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the comment section. You'll see a text field for you to start writing. Write your comment or click "Reply" to reply to a comment thread. Discussion section screenshot

Step 3: Submit and done

Once you submit your comment it will automatically and immediately be published. That's it! You can continue browsing and leaving comments and replies as you please.