Flawnson Tong

Cofounder of Comend

How to propose a new resource

A step by step guide to proposing a new resource or an improvement to an existing resource.

From day 1 Librarey was a community endeavor made possible by the work of a rare mom. What started as a Word document has since grown to a full fledged platform. We went from 2700 resources to over 4500 and counting within just a few months. Librarey depends on community contributions as a crowdsourced resource platform, so if you want to help families find rare resources faster, here's a quick how to add a new resource.

You'll need an account to propose a new resource, so if you haven't created one yet, follow this guide. Otherwise, sign into your existing account.

Understanding resource proposals

New resource proposals go through a vetting process before they're added to our database. This is to ensure the accuracy of descriptions, relevancy of categories, and things like consistency of format. This can take a few days to complete as we review submissions one by one. You will be notified when we have received your proposal as well as when your resource has been added to our database.

To ensure your resource proposal goes as smoothly as possible, follow our Resource Contribution Guidelines.

Step 1: Navigate to the search page

Once you've signed into your account, navigate to the home page and click "Browse them all" to be taken to the search page. On the search page you'll see the "New Resource" button near the top right of the page. Click it. Search page screenshot

Step 2: Complete the Resource Proposal form

Fill out the form as accurately as possible. It should take 2 minutes. Be sure to keep in mind our contribution guidelines.Resource proposal page screenshot

Step 3: Congratulations!

After you've completed and submitted the proposal form, you’ll be taken back to the home page. And that’s it! you’ve proposed a new resource.

Thank you for taking the time to make Librarey a better platform for everyone!