Flawnson Tong

Cofounder of Comend

How to create an account on Librarey

A step by step guide to creating an account on Librarey (and why you should).

Librarey is free to use and you will never require an account to use the basic search and filter features. However there are some features that we simply couldn't implement without user accounts. The ability to create collections for example; we need to be able to associate a collection with a user. Or the ability to propose a new resource or an improvements to an existing resource; we need to be able to reference a source of the resource. These and many other features required the involvement of the community, and so we created a way for users to engage via accounts on Librarey.

Once you've created an account, you'll be able to use Librarey to its full extent by following the guides below:

  • How to propose a new resource
  • How to create a new collection
  • How to add a resource to a collection
  • How to leave a comment or reply

Understanding accounts

All you'll need to create an account is an email, Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn account. On Librarey there isn't a seperate log in and sign up page; you do it all from the sign in page. We'll automatically detect if you've already created an account before or whether your account is new.

Accounts are tied to email addresses. This means if you sign in with email one day, and the next day you sign in via a Facebook account that was created using the same email, you will automatically sign into the same account. We recommend you to stick to using the same sign in method.

Step 1: Navigate to the sign up page

Click the “Sign in” button on the top navigation menu and you’ll be taken to our sign in page.Sign in page screenshot

Step 2: Pick your preferred method to sign in

From here, you have 2 choices:

  1. If you choose email, we'll send you an invite link via email for you to open
  2. If you choose social sign in, you’ll be sent to the platform's sign in page for you to confirm

Follow the steps in either method and you will be taken back to Librarey automatically.

Step 3: Complete the welcome flow

If it’s your first time signing up to Librarey, you’ll be taken to our sign up flow. The form is entirely optional, but will help us provide you with recommended resources when you reach your profile. You will also be asked for notification and consent settings. These are all opt-in, and you can change everything in your settings later.Sign in page screenshot

Step 4: Congratulations!

After completing the sign up form, you’ll be taken to your profile. And that’s it! you’ve created an account on Librarey. From here you can propose a new resource, create resource collections, or leave comments and replies in resource pages.

What's next? Now that you have an account, you can do lots of new things.