Flawnson Tong

Cofounder of Comend

How to create a collection

A step by step guide to creating collections and adding resources to them.

One of the ways in which we wanted Librarey to help rare families is by improving how we save useful resources that we find. We think that it's one thing to find a great resource, but it's another thing entirely to be able to retrieve it. This is why one of the first features we implemented before launching is the collections feature.

You'll need an account to propose a new resource, so if you haven't created one yet, follow this guide. Otherwise, sign into your existing account.

Understanding resource collections

Collections are a way for users to save the most relevant resources they find on Librarey. Think of collections like a subset of Librarey's resource repository. There is no limit to how many collections you can create and how many resources you can add to them.

Collections have privacy settings that control whether or not other users can see your collection. By default they are private, but you can change it to be public any time. Keep in mind that privacy settings only change whether your collection can be viewed.Only the creator of the collection can add or remove resources from it.

Step 1: Navigate to your profile page

Once you've signed into your account, navigate to your profile page and click "New Collection". A dialog box will open with a short form that will ask for you to provide a name, description, and other details about your collection. Profile collections screenshot

Step 2: Navigate to the search page

Once you've filled out the form and created a new collection, you'll want to add a resource to your collection. In your collection page you'll see an "Add resources" button on the top left side. Click it to navigate to the search page. Collections screenshot

Step 3: Save a resource

From here, you can quicksave a resource by clicking the ribbon icon on each of the resource cards. Alternatively, you can click into a resource page. On the resource page you'll find a stack of buttons on the right side of the screen. Click the button labeled "Save". Resource card screenshot

Step 4: View your saved resource

If you'd like to check to see that your resource has successfully saved you can navigate back to your collection through your profile page. Otherwise that's it! You've successfully created a new collection and saved a resource into the collection.